Dodge brings Charger Widebody 'concept' to Spring Fest

Supposedly just gauging reaction, don't be surprised at a production model

Last week we asked if an Instagram user had really seen a Dodge Charger Widebody cruising suburban Detroit. The answer is yes, he had. Dodge brought its Charger Widebody concept to Spring Fest 14, a celebration of everything built on Chrysler's LX platform. Note the use of the word "concept," and a Fiat Chrysler spokesperson telling journos, "We are taking a Charger design concept to Spring Fest to gauge feedback from the huge Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300 enthusiast base that attends the California event each year."

Mark Trostle, head of design for Dodge and SRT, shared a few snaps of the Charger Widebody to Instagram.























W I D E #Concept #Charger @black70rr photo #FCADrivefordesign #Dodgesrt #sf14

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Now ignore the word "concept." Of course a thing isn't done until it's done, but two years ago a thread on Charger Forums mused on a Photoshop of the sedan as a widebody. User ResumeSpeed chimed in to say, "Rear is not accurate as it's being revised. 2020 model year. Two Charger WB models: Hellcat and 392 Scat Pack." Fast forward to February of this year when Mopar Insider said its sources confirmed a thick-hipped Charger R/T Scat Pack and Hellcat with "drastically different looking front and rear fascias." Then, earlier this month, Allpar received a slide from what looks like an internal Dodge presentation explaining the "2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Wide Body." The sedan in the slide looks almost exactly like the "concept."

And now this. They even designed it with the Dodge Durango SRT grille treatment, which seems like a logical part of that 2020 revision. Giving the Charger a nip and tuck, a little more tire, and a $6,000 surcharge similar to the Challenger Widebody makes too much sense to merely toy with and then file away. Check out this video for a complete walkaround, and stay tuned.

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