4 great scratch removers | Autoblog's favorites

Why live with scratches in your paint?

4 best car scratch removers. Accidents happen but that doesn't mean we have to live with the results. Here's 4 of our favorite scratch removers to help you get rid of those annoying scratches and scuffs in your car's paint.

TriNova scratch swirl remover - $19.97
removes scratches, swirls, and blemishes from the paint's surface with the help if a buffer pad.

Meguiar's ScratchX 2.0 - $10.59
clear coat safe. Removes fine blemishes and minor scratches while bringing back clarity.

Turtle Wax polish and scratch - $15.99
formulated to remove light to heavy scratches and it's clear coat safe and silicone free.

3M scratch remover - $12.49
the formula is wax free. Can be applied by hand or machine to remove scratches and more.

Share a photo of the biggest scratch on your car so we can all commiserate together.

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