Porsche and Audi have been working on a number of important technologies for future vehicles. The two luxury automakers, both part of the Volkswagen Group, have mostly appeared to guard the space between their brands despite some shared engines and a platform. While their goals may not always overlap – Porsche has shied away from fully autonomous driving, for instance ­– the two brands have decided they could move more quickly into their respective futures by putting their heads together. In that spirit, Audi and Porsche are partnering up for a "shared vehicle architecture strategy of the future."

This collaboration will focus on future mobility, including the development electrification, digitization, and autonomous driving technology. And the teams have knowledge and resources to share with one another. Porsche is moving fast with electrification, adding more hybrid systems to its models and preparing to launch the ultra-fast-charging Mission E electric car. Audi has been pursuing autonomous driving, connected vehicle and V2X tech, and Shared Fleet programs.

Combining the best and brightest of both companies should help accelerate R&D. Even if one or the other company doesn't put all of the co-developed technologies into its vehicles, they'll both be learning the lessons, and sharing resources should help keep costs in check. "We will cooperate wherever it makes sense," says Porsche Board of Management Chairman Oliver Blume. "But we will also be very careful to maintain the differentiation between our brands. A Porsche is always a Porsche, and that will remain so in the future."

Detail are still scarce, but Audi and Porsche will pin down a more a more specific sharing strategy as they develop their plan through 2025. While the cars continue to look and drive differently, expect Porsche and Audi to share more components and digital capabilities moving forward.

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