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Porsche customers have no need to worry because the company has no intention of taking away driver control by introducing autonomous tech for its vehicles. "One wants to drive a Porsche by oneself," company CEO Oliver Blume told a German newspaper, Reuters reports. For the sports car maker, this is a sensible decision, as its owners are driving enthusiasts who desire an exciting experience behind the wheel.

Blume also isn't a big fan of people using their phones in the car. "An iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road," he told the newspaper.

While Blume doesn't like some cutting-edge automotive tech, he's no Luddite. The CEO eventually wants every Porsche to be available with a hybrid powertrain option, including the 911. A plug-in version of the famous sports coupe could be ready by 2018 and have a 31-mile EV range (presumably on the European cycle), according to Reuters.

The evidence suggests that Porsche is very serious about electrifying the 911. A company exec admitted the automaker had PHEVs under discussion. Spy shots (above) already showed one testing that possibly had a charger on the passenger side rear fender.

The 911 PHEV would also follow logically from Porsche's recent surge to electrify its models. The Panamera and Cayenne already offer plug-in versions, and the 918 Spyder proves the system can perform. Applying that battery knowledge to the 911 is a natural move, especially with the fully electric Mission E taking another technological step forward around 2020.

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