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It's called the I.D. Vizzion and has no steering wheel

It also kind of looks like a lot of other electric sedans.


Elon Musk's future plans impact the Croatian electric car's spec sheet.

Will it be enough to out-duel the next Tesla Roadster?


Waymo gets a 0.34 percent stake in Uber.

The settlement now allows Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi to put another scandal behind the company.


The truck mostly drove itself, and in the future is expected to get the trip down to two days.


The NEXO vehicles completed a 118-mile journey at Level 4 autonomy.

The three cars completed their trial run in regular traffic.


It needed much, much less human intervention. Here's how badly it crushed the competition.

... Waymo, and here's how badly it crushed the competition


It could get harder to speed if this patent's future comes to pass.

Ford applies for a patent for an autonomous police vehicle that could hide itself, detect violations, give chase, and issue fines on its own.


Automated delivery is a less controversial, less complicated area of self-driving.

Automated delivery is a less controversial, less complicated area of self-driving.

Only a quarter of the public would be unconcerned to ride in one.


"Safety is not a zero-sum game."

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao says AV competition "should not be a zero-sum game."


But the number of survey respondents frightened by driverless cars is dropping.

Just 13 percent of survey respondents said they would feel safer sharing the road with autonomous vehicles.


It'll allow Waymo to test against the challenges of dense traffic and hot, humid weather.

Metro Atlanta marks Waymo's 25th test city in total.


The e-Palette is not exactly a new RX-7.

Mazda's prepping a small rotary engine to serve as a range extender in an autonomous Toyota delivery vehicle.


If a patent becomes reality, that is.

Roughly half of adults get queasy just by reading a book as a passenger.


The electric crossover will also get self-driving technology.

We haven't seen a production version.


Futuristic SUV, unique engine, a move to high-end EVs and hybrids

Futuristic strategies for gaining market share.


Picking one of the biggest brains in self-driving.

Aurora Innovation is a startup headed by three giants of autonomy.


GM seeks U.S. government approval to test truly driverless car.

GM plans to introduce it to fleets in 2019.


Honda's swappable batteries power almost anything.

These robot helpers and EVs get their power from Honda's mobile batteries.


Turing Video's Segway-based robot can act autonomously or with a person on it

Robocop to the rescue.