One of the teaser trailers for the eagerly anticipated Dodge Challenger Demon featured a big crate full of goodies for the car. As with the car, though, Dodge was a bit coy about what was inside, simply saying there were 18 items, consisting of tools and parts. Now we know what tools the car gets, and they're some very nice Snap-On pieces.

All of the tools and accessories are branded with the Demon logo. And the tools included should be perfect for easy tire changes at the track. Specifically, the tools include a hydraulic jack, cordless impact wrench with charger, torque wrench, and a tire pressure gauge. There's also a fender cover to protect the paint when working under the hood, and a nice carrying bag with the Demon emblem on the side. And, naturally, all of the tools are limited-edition units made specifically to accompany the Demon.

If you want to do anything more involved than wheel swaps, you'll need to supply a few tools of your own. But this should be good for the weekend drag racer or autocross driver who wants to drive down to the course on street tires, then throw on the sticky rubber at the track. Also, as you may have noted, these tools only constitute six items in Dodge's count, leaving 12 others that must be car parts. We know that among the parts are some factory Demon wheels, and items that Dodge describes as "Direct Connection Performance Parts" and the "Demon Track Pack System." Details on these remain scarce, but they will probably be revealed closer to the car's debut date of April 11.

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