The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will come with a crate full of goodies

Dodge released its latest trailer for the upcoming 2018 Challenger SRT Demon, and it's all about the extra stuff that comes with the car. Each Demon will be delivered with a custom-painted crate, complete with metal serial tag with the car's VIN and the name of the owner. Inside the crate are 18 items, which will help make the Demon a dual-purpose vehicle. The company says that "each customer can decide at the time of order, or once they own the car, or even at a moment's notice that they want their car to favor street performance, drag strip performance, or something in between."

Dodge announced that the crate contains matching spare wheels and Demon-branded tools. In the trailer, we can see some of the tools, including a jack, impact gun, socket wrench, and a tire-pressure gauge. We imagine that part of the plan is that owners can have an extra set of tires, perhaps some even stickier drag slicks, and have everything on hand to swap them out quickly.

The Demon Crate

Dodge also revealed that it will include a "Demon Track Pack System" and "Direct Connection Demon Performance Parts." These items present more of a mystery, since the trailer only shows the wheels and tools. One of the official images (pictured above) shows the crate opened up, and what may be portions of a racing harness. So the Demon may include some safety parts that could be installed or removed to make it safe on track, or comfortable on the street for the driver and passengers. Assuming that any passenger seats are left in the car.

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