Faraday Future to take on Tesla at Pikes Peak

The FF91 will face off against Unplugged Performance Model S P100D in July.

Even if the FF91 never gets off the ground, it'll still race to the clouds.

If you thought Faraday Future already had enough ( financial, legal, internal) challenges, the company looks ready to take on another. This one could be a nice distraction from the logistical struggles of bringing a high-tech luxury EV to production, though, as the FF91 is set to compete in the 2017 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this July.

It'll have some competition, too, as it'll be up against the Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S P100D in the Pikes Peak Exhibition Class.

The Faraday Future FF91 will be piloted by Pikes Peak rookie Robin Shute. Shute is a Pro Mazda driver and Triple Crown winner of the 2016 Formula Car Challenge. At the helm of the Performance Unplugged Tesla will be Daijiro Yoshihara, winner of the 2011 Formula Drift Champion.

Of course, other EVs will be taking part in the "Race to the Clouds." Rhys Millen is returning in the Drive eO PP03 in the Unlimited Class (against combustion powered vehicles, as fuel/power-source class divisions have been eliminated for cars for 2017). Nobuhiro " Monster" Tajima will also race in Unlimited, with the 2017 Tajima Motor E-Runner. Blake Fuller will bring his Go Puck Tesla back to the mountain in the Time Attack 2 Production Class. There will also be an Electric Motorcycle Class, as in previous years. We should expect the electric contenders to perform quite well, because, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk notes, "altitude improves performance for electric. Opposite of combustion cars."

Can't make it to Colorado this July to catch the action? You'll be able to livestream the event this year. Race organizers and a company called Matchsports believe they'll be able to overcome Pikes Peak's logistical challenges in order to broadcast the race online.

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