Another high-profile person has left electric car startup Faraday Future. Ding Lei, an executive named as the company's acting "global" CEO has left his post, according to The Verge. It's only days until CES, one of the biggest events of the year for makers of electric cars, and for a Faraday Future leader to leave at this point things must clearly be in a state of disarray. Earlier reports said Ding had also left his position at LeEco, a Chinese technology company that's working on its own electric cars while also providing some financing for Lucid Motors, but LeEco's spokesperson has since confirmed Ding is still employed there.

Just days ago, news surfaced that two FF executives, Marco Mattiacci and Joerg Sommer had left the company. Mattiacci, formerly of Scuderia Ferrari, had taken on the position of chief brand and commercial officer, and ex-Volkswagen executive Sommer spent three months at FF as product marketing and growth vice president.
Faraday Future is scheduled to unveil its first production vehicle at CES in Las Vegas. Not much of the car has been seen yet, but teaser images published a couple days ago show the vehicle's interior; even the seats have had their share of conflict recently, as their developer, Futuris Automotive sued Faraday Future for $10 million over unpaid bills. After the matter was settled, it became apparent that the seats in question cannot even be produced due to a clause in the settlement. Work at FF's future factory site in Nevada has also reportedly stopped.

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