Little-known Chinese company is Leo's latest green car crush

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio will now shill cars for Chinese automaker BYD. This may seem like an odd decision for the movie star, but it actually makes some sense. DiCaprio is well known as an environmental advocate, and that interest occasionally brings him into the automotive realm. He famously drove a Toyota Prius to the Academy Awards once, which in turn inspired Henrik Fisker to create his Karma plug-in hybrid. DiCaprio also purchased movie rights to the VW diesel scandal, and supported a Formula E team.

As for his interest in BYD, it's because the company happens to be a leading Chinese producer of electric cars. The company currently offers three pure electric models, the e5, e6, and Qin EV300, as well as a number of hybrids. The e6 even reportedly underwent testing with Uber. BYD also sells electric buses, some of which are produced in the US. And DiCaprio isn't the only famous American to get involved with the company. Warren Buffet has been an investor since 2008.

So really, it's not that surprising DiCaprio would be willing to do some promotional work for the company In fact, he said, "I am very pleased to be joining an effort to increase the number clean vehicles on the road in China and beyond." We wouldn't expect him to trade in his Fisker for a BYD anytime soon, though.

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