Warren Buffett is renowned for making money buy investing in companies that he thinks have a some inherent value and holding the stock. So when he or his flagship company Berkshire Hathaway put money down, it's worth taking note. MidAmerican Energy Holdings, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, has just bought a 10 percent stake in BYD, a Chinese purveyor of cars and batteries. So far, BYD has been best known for a for several cars that draw strong styling "influence" from cars produced by other non-Chinese companies. Lately, the company has been showing several electric and hybrid cars, some of which were on hand at this year's Detroit Auto Show. That move into the electric drive field and development of lithium ion batteries is evidently what attracted MidAmerican. Recently, BYD has been trying to break into the Israeli market to compete with Project Better Place.

[Source: MidAmerican Energy Holdings]

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