Nissan launches Micra-based car-sharing service in Paris

Like General Motors and Daimler, Nissan will soon launch its own take on car sharing. It's called Nissan Intelligent Get & Go Micra, and it will launch at the end of this year in Paris, with cars expected to be delivered in April. Despite the unwieldy name, it offers a unique take on car-sharing. Rather than services such as ZipCar, in which people pay a subscription fee and usage rates to use a variety of cars shared with other members, the Nissan plan allows a small group of people to co-own one Nissan Micra. The buyers are matched up in a new app designed by Nissan which will look at users' driving needs and locations. When matched up, they can pick up a new Micra subcompact.

To pay for the car, Nissan provides each co-owner with personalized bills based on usage. This way the person who uses the car most, pays the most each month. The cost of the car also covers insurance and servicing, further simplifying ownership of the car. The only caveat for owners is that there is a 15,000-kilometer (9,321 miles) driving limit each year. However, since the target market clearly only needs a car every once in a while, this is unlikely to be an issue.

Compared with other car sharing services, one of the primary advantages is the small user group. This means that if you go in on of these Micras, you'll only be sharing your car with people who share ownership of the car, so there is potential that the owners will take good care of the car. On the flip side, you'll only have access to one car. So on a day that you need to move, you won't be able to grab a truck or van. It will be interesting to see how successful this program is, and whether it expands to include other models. We certainly wouldn't mind pitching in for a shared Nissan GT-R.

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