See how well Tesla's Autopilot detects lane markings on a winding road. Tesla Owner and YouTuber KmanAuto puts Autopilot under Firmware version 8.0 to the test in traffic on a curvy road with bright sunlight. The driver is comparing the system's prowess to version 7.0 on the same roads, and doesn't see much of an improvement, despite heavier reliance on radar than cameras. Still, KmanAuto notes, this is not the type of road Autopilot is designed for, but it offers a good comparison between the two versions. While it now works better in some instances, Kman also notes some "regressions." See the video above, and read more at Teslarati.

The Renault Zoe EV will take part in the 2016 e-Rallye Monte Carlo. From October 12 through 16, the French automaker will enter four Zoes in the FIA-sanctioned, zero-emissions drive from Fontainebleau, France to Monaco. This marks the third year that the Zoe will compete, and allows the EV to showcase its new battery with improved driving range. Read more from Renault.

Industrial gases company Air Liquide has launched an informational website about hydrogen, as well as an H2 infrastructure app. In honor of National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day on October 8 (which corresponds to hydrogen's atomic weight of 1.008), the company launched Let's Clear The Air to educate the public about hydrogen as an alternative fuel. Additionally, the "Hydrogen Station Finder" app, launched in collaboration with the California Fuel Cell Partnership, helps FCEV drivers navigate to stations that make up the growing hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Read more from Air Liquide.

UPS will add 200 new hybrid electric delivery trucks to its fleet. Like the 125 vehicles UPS previously announced, these new trucks will use the Workhorse E-Gen chassis, and feature a lithium-ion battery pack and two-cylinder BMW range extender that provide 150 miles of range and about 26 mpg. They'll go into service in January 2017 in Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and possibly other states. Read more form UPS.

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