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Renault Zoe gets zero-star rating from Euro NCAP

Older versions of the electric car had scored much higher

Renault showcases both mindless and mindful driving

One car uses mind control, the other has a mind of its own.

Which would you choose?

Renault-Nissan goes for closer cooperation, outsells VW and Toyota

And don't forget Mitsubishi

And don't forget Mitsubishi.

Renault Zoe e-Sport Concept is a hot hatch for the EV crowd

It's more powerful than a Formula E racecar.

The EV world needs more of this sort of thinking.

First Drive
A practical winner | Long-range Renault Zoe EV First Drive

For Europeans, the new, 250-mile Zoe is the electric car to get.

Forget the battery? Sure.

Renault will test self-driving Zoe EV in China

Renault follows Volvo with autonomous-driving announcement.

Zoe, Europe's best-selling electric-vehicle, will be the base for self-driving prototype in Wuhan.

NuTonomy shows that people quickly relax in autonomous cars

Six weeks of research show that nerves soon fade.

The company has been interviewing riders pre- and post-trip in their fleet of autonomous taxis.

Renault Zoe is the first low-cost EV to go 250 miles on a charge

The updates EV goes on sale this weekend.


Nissan exec talks about smaller Leaf, and maybe a CUV EV as well

The Renault Zoe could provide the underpinnings for a new Nissan electric vehicle.

The Nissan Zoe, of something quite similar, could become real.

Renault snarkily uses French fuel shortage to promote Zoe EV

Renault says calls for Zoe EV information have spiked amid strikes.

France protests have lead to a fuel shortage, which spurred Renault and other companies to tout their electric vehicles.

High-performance Renault Zoe on hold after tremendous range losses

Renault considered building a Zoe electric hot hatch, but it abandoned the project due to a lack of range on the track.

The data is in: European plug-in vehicle sales are dropping

Renault Zoe EV, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV are leaders.

A European Commission-funded website breaks out electric, plug-in hybrid vehicle sales by model, and finds the news isn't great.

Renault brings sporty Megane wagon and opulent Zoe to Geneva

Renault tries to appeal to a wide range of customers in Geneva with the sporty GT trim of its Megane Sport Tourer wagon and the luxurious Zoe Swiss Edition EV.

Renault Zoe was Europe's best-selling EV last year

The Renault Zoe was Europe's most popular EV in 2015, and the French automaker saw its overall sales in the segment jump 49 percent over 2014. EVs still represent a tiny portion of overall European auto purchases.

Renault Zoe EV charges smarter at COP21

Jedlix Comes Up With A Clever Charging App That Can Use 15% Less Energy

Renault and Eneco have signed a deal to implement a new smart charging app for the Zoe electric hatchback that will help it charge at the optimal time of day.

Renault updates Zoe, Twizy trim levels

New Motor Will Increase Range To 149 Miles

Renault announces changes to the Zoe and Twizy EVs, with the most important update being a better motor in the Zoe that increases the range to 149 miles.

Updated Renault Zoe will be able to go 150 miles on a charge

Zoe's Motor Is Smaller, Charging System Is Faster

Renault boosts Zoe's single-charge range to about 150 miles.

Renault-Nissan has sold 200,000 EVs, claims 58 percent global share

Most Of Those Are Due To Popular Leaf, Which Has Sold 67,000 In US

The all-electric Renault Zoe sold 10,000 units during its first year on sale and the French automaker has sold a total of about 51,500 EVs since starting sales of its four-vehicle EV lineup in 2011. Renault's collection also includes the Twizy two-seater, the Fluence sedan and the Kangoo van – just look at the awesome concepts from 200

Recharge Wrap-up: Uber drops rates in NYC, Renault Zoes for Rungis, Nissan Leaf is recycled

Formula E Teams With Prince Albert II Of Monaco Foundation

Uber is really taking it to cabbies in New York City. The car-hailing smartphone app has temporarily cut rates to its lowest-cost UberX service by 20 percent, now making it much more competitive - even cheaper in many cases - to request a ride from the app than to hail a NYC taxi. Also, tip is included in Uber's rate, while yellow cab fares do not include tip. However, Uber's rates vary depending on certain variables such as traff

Renault ZOE revs up for big sales in Norway

Renault doesn't want to be left out in the Norwegian cold. The French automaker knows that EV sales are through the roof in Norway, so it is finally bringing the Zoe EV to the Scandinavian country.

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