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UPS gears up for deliveries by electric bike in Seattle

Did you know UPS started out on bicycles?

Did you know UPS started out on bicycles?

UPS partners with L.A.-based startup Thor on electric delivery truck

The delivery company plans to buy 9,300 low-emission vans

The delivery company plans to buy 9,300 low-emission vans.

UPS has new electric trucks that look straight out of a Pixar movie

London and Paris first cities to see fleet of 35 delivery vehicles

UPS has revealed sleek new electric trucks that look like they've rolled straight out of Pixar's Cars series. The company revealed it's working with vehicle manufacturer Arrival on a pilot fleet of 35 lightweight electric trucks that look far more futuristic than the standard boxy vehicles. UPS says the trucks have a longer range than other delivery vehicles, reaching around 150 miles on a single charge. As with all electric vehicles, they have zero emissions.

UPS and Workhorse strike deal on electric vans

Smart charging is key as UPS hopes to replace 35,000 delivery vehicles

Smart charging is key as UPS hopes to replace 35,000 delivery vehicles

How Tesla Semi's first truck charging stations will be built

Companies who reserved the big truck are preparing the infrastructure now

Companies who reserved the big truck are preparing the infrastructure now

UPS places largest Tesla Semi order yet

UPS to expand its green fleet with 125 Tesla trucks.

According to the report, the deal is worth $25 million, at $200,000 per truck.

Daimler delivers first Fuso eCanter electric trucks to UPS

'The game has started'

"The game as started."

UPS will deploy first extended-range fuel-cell truck by September

The hydrogen-fueled extender adds 125 miles of range.

UPS will start testing an electric truck with a hydrogen fuel-cell range-extender in Sacramento by the end of September.

UPS employees band together to buy car for teen coworker

You guys ready for a good cry? Get your tissues ready, because this one's a doozy.

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UPS Drone Delivery | Autoblog Minute

UPS has begun testing residential delivery drones with the aim at improving delivery efficiency. Drones fly autonomously and can carry packages up to 10 lbs.

UPS tests delivery drones, with modest success

The tech, still in its infancy, shows promise for last-mile delivery.

Drones could make UPS more efficient, once they're ready.

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Neglected roads draining US economy

America's crumbling roads and freeways aren't just bad for the individual, they're costing our nation's economy money. A lot of money.

UPS expands green fleet with 1,000 propane trucks

"Brown" continues to try to get all the more "green" via propane. UPS, known for its famous brown vehicles, is adding to its fleet of alt-fuel trucks with an additional 1,000 propane-powered delivery trucks that will start going into service in the middle of this year in rural areas in Louisiana and Oklahoma.

UPS cuts emissions by 2.1% last year while shipments rose

UPS' gains on the emissions-reduction front may be more in the air than on the ground, but the massive shipping company does continue to make strides when it comes to reducing pollution with its vehicles. The company's sustainability report stated that UPS reduced its greenhouse-gas emissions by 2.1 percent last year, despite increased shipments. UPS airplanes reduced fuel-use by 1.3 percent as shipments rose 4.8 percent. Earlier this year, the shipper said it planned to add 1,000 liquefied natu

UPS puts 100 electric trucks into service in central California

UPS said in 2011 that it was acquiring 100 battery-electric delivery trucks for its California operations and has now put the proverbial rubber to the road.

UPS purchases 100 electric trucks for its California fleet

UPS just announced that it has purchased 100 electric delivery vans for deployment in California, making it the single-largest implementation of zero-emissions delivery vehicles in the state of California. UPS says that because its vans rack up so many miles, replacing lots of older diesel-fueled trucks with the EVs will reduce UPS' need for fuel by an estimated 126,000 gallons a year.

UPS fleet of alternative fuel vehicles clocks over 200 million miles

On Thursday, package delivery company United Parcel Service (UPS) released its annual Sustainability Report (PDF). The exhaustive 107-page report shows that significant progress has been made in UPS' efforts to use technology that minimizes miles driven and reduce total fuel consumption.

UPS truck gets SHO transplant, flame job

When it comes to getting packages where they're going, few crews are more on point than the team at UPS. Whether it's across the state or around the world, Brown gets your gear where it's going with a quickness. The company has used a fleet of proprietary delivery trucks since 1966, but judging from what American Trucker just discovered, someone's been turning some wrenches after hours. As it turns out, UPS has its own Hot Rod delivery special. Along with one wicked flame paint job and wild whee

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