Recharge Wrap-up: Chris Evans in the Riversimple Rasa, nuTonomy CEO on safety

Mexico approves ethanol; Phihong introduces portable EV charger.

nuTonomy CEO Karl Iagnemma says that full autonomy is safer than simpler semi-autonomous systems. Now that the driverless taxi service pilot program is underway in Singapore, Iaganemma seems more concerned about popularity than safety issues. When a human operator is introduced into the system, as is the case with Tesla's Autopilot, it "brings an enormous amount of complexity and unpredictability," he says, meaning that they "are in fact harder to develop and harder to guarantee their safety." He says the purpose of the pilot program is to determine what amount of people actually dislike the experience, and why. Read more from Charged EVs or at The Guardian.

Mexico has approved the sale of gasoline blended with ethanol. The country's Energy Regulatory Commission will allow Mexico's gas supply to be blended with up to 5.8 percent ethanol, except in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. Mike Dwyer of the US Grains Council explains that the specific number is "essentially the blend rate of ethanol that would replace MTBE in the fuel." While MBTE is used to in Mexico's gas supply to help reduce emissions, it's also a toxic hazard to ground water in the case of leakage. Read more from Brownfield.

Electronics company Phihong is introducing a portable EV charger. The DC charger can be rolled out on its four built-in wheels to charge a stranded EV. Designed as a roadside assistance tool, its 6-kWh battery can provide an output of 10 kW, and can be expanded to 12 kWh of storage with a 20 kW output. It can also be used as a 3.5-kW AC backup power supply. Read more at EV Obsession, or at Phihong's website.

Chris Evans digs Riversimple's Rasa fuel cell car. The Welsh automaker brought its hydrogen powered two-seater to CarFest South, where the former Top Gear host took the opportunity to check it out. As Evans posed for photos with the Rasa, he said he liked the car, and would like the opportunity to test it out. So far, the only person to have driven the Rasa is the car's designer, Riversimple Chief Engineer Hugo Spowers. Read more at Wales Online.

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