Auto mechanics maintain, inspect, and repair cars. The auto repair business requires attention to detail as well as an understanding of the mechanical trade. Due to the ever-evolving mechanical world and increasing role of vehicles in the economy, it is incredibly important that those seeking automotive technician jobs have a good education and keep up with changes in the industry. Mechanic schools provide individuals with a strong knowledge of motors, parts, diagnostic software, and more. Once a mechanic graduates, they are prepared to work at any shop or as mobile mechanics, making them a tremendous asset to the automotive world.

Alternative Energy/Electronics

Power Electronics for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Sales for electric-powered vehicles are on the rise. Here mechanics will learn just how much these vehicles can impact the future. Rechargeable Battery Discovery Promises Cheaper Renewable Energy Storage: Discover the developments that researchers from Richmond, Washington, have made in regard to the efficiency of a rechargeable zinc-manganese battery. Untrained Mechanics Warned of Risk of Tinkering With Electric Cars: Electric cars might be the way of the future, but without proper education, mechanics may put their lives at risk trying to fix them. 10 Ways Alternative Energy Is About to Change the Way Tech Gets Powered: Alternative energy is changing, and how these changes impact technology, including vehicles, is detailed on this informational page. Solar-Electric Vehicles May Not Be Pie in the Sky: Not only is it an excellent idea to use alternative energy to power cars, but it is an equally good idea to use renewable energy to charge those vehicles.

Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels Data Center: Here the U.S. Department of Energy provides a ton of great information about the research on and advancement of electricity as a vehicle fuel. The Future of Cars Could Be Solar: With every passing day, more and more developments are made in the field of alternative energy, and it looks like solar power could be the future of cars. Alternative-Fuel Conversion: Anyone looking for details about alternative-fuel vehicle and engine conversions should check out this informative page. Top Eight Alternative Fuels: Here, readers will find specifics on the top alternative fuels, including the pros and cons of each source. Incentive Programs for Alternative Fuels and Vehicles: The state of California offers residents many incentives if they purchase and drive alternative-fuel vehicles over traditional gasoline-fueled cars.

Automotive Architecture and Design

The Rise and Evolution of "Carchitecture": Check out these famous architects who became car designers. Innovative Car Designs of the 20th Century: From the Model T to the Mustang, certain auto designs have had a particularly great influence on the industry. Sculpting Cars in Virtual Reality: Car design is changing, and the future involves 3D modeling and sculpting software. The Future of Automotive Design: Take a look at the world of automotive designers and discover where they come from and what drives them to design. A History of Scholarship on American Automobile Design: Visit this link to read an excellent article on the history of American automotive design, and the postmodern validation of auto design as art.

Automotive GIS

What Is GIS?: Those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a GIS should check out this page to get a better understanding of what a GIS is and how it relates to vehicles. The Key to Self-Driving Cars: Maps (video): One of the most important tools for a car that can safely drive itself is an up-to-date GIS. It's a GIS World: GIS technology is rapidly becoming a part of everything around us, from car GPS devices to business data-crunching. Roads and Highways: A GIS stores, analyzes, and displays the information that drivers read on their GPS devices. Learn how all of this information works together to make driving on roads and highways easier. GIS Evolution and Future Trends: Here, find out about the current world of GIS and the things expected for the future.

Heavy Equipment Technology

Technology Takes Giant Leaps Forward: There are many changes taking place in heavy equipment technology, and these advances can be read about on this page. Advances in Construction Technology: A common term in the heavy equipment industry is "telemetrics," and it is important to know what that technology term involves. New Construction Technology: Advancements Made in Engine Designs: Check out the design and technology changes achieved in recent heavy equipment models here. Tech Invocations Drive Increases in Heavy Equipment Leases and Rentals (PDF): In this document, discover how technology has enabled a wide range of people to be able to use heavy equipment. Coolest Construction Technology Innovations in 2015: Every year, technology advances are made, and on this website, readers can explore the coolest construction technology innovations of 2015.

Automotive Welding

Buying Your First Welder: This is an informative guide for beginning welders looking for details on how to choose the right equipment. Automotive Welding: Tube Steel Projects: Check out this step-by-step guide on how to weld tube steel projects. Welding Car Side Panels: On this website, find a few tricks of the trade for welders looking to weld car side panels. Two Metals Enter, One Leaves: The Miracle of Friction Stir Welding: Discover what friction stir welding is and how it works on vehicles. Addressing Welding Challenges in Today's Automotive Industry: Like other industries, welding has its share of challenges, and here, readers can learn about the challenges within the automotive industry.

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