Boy steals cement truck, leads cops on high-speed chase

While taking the age old adage 'drive it like you stole it' to heart, an 11-year-old boy led police on a high-speed chase in Minnesota over the weekend while joyriding in a stolen cement mixer.

The mixer was being used by a contractor and was parked on a residential street in Dodge Center, MN on Saturday with the keys in the ignition. The temptation of unguarded construction equipment was just too much for the young boy. Residents of the neighborhood spotted the boy doing laps on the quiet suburban streets and pulled out their cellphones.

"I betcha he drove around town six or seven different times," Dodge Center resident Troy Flatness told KTTC. "He was smiling, hooting and hollering ... he was having a good time." Police are not releasing the name of the boy, but Dodge Center residents told KTTC that the boy lives in the town.

The police chase began after an officer attempt to pull over the speeding truck. The driver fled, striking a cruiser in the process. The boy led officers on an hour-long chase that at times reached 70 miles per hour, NBC4i reported. Helicopters from the Twin Cities helped police keep track of the errant truck. The boy drove the heavy mixer through several neighboring towns before heading back towards Dodge Center. He finally stopped on a dead end street in Dodge Center. The suspect then tried to run from police, but was quickly apprehended. He was taken into police custody and will face the music in front of a judge Monday morning.

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