File this under "Obvious." Electric vehicle fans are excited about the Tesla Model 3. With an ever-widening field of EVs, the startup out of California generates the most hype for its vehicles. It's becoming less the case now that automakers are showing off high-end concepts like the Porsche Mission E and Rimac Concept_S, but for a while, the terms "EV" and "exciting" didn't pair well together. Tesla, though, was always the outlier.

So we shouldn't be surprised that people are eagerly looking forward to a new offering from the car company that the world watches so closely. In a poll (subscription required) of EV enthusiasts, Clean Technica found that about 55 percent of potential buyers are most likely to buy a Tesla Model 3 when it becomes available. (Clean Technica's article title – "~55% Of EV Enthusiasts Intend To Buy Tesla Model 3" – is a little misleading, but the answers to the actual questions asked are still interesting). In addition, 39 percent of current EV owners intend to buy the Model 3 next.

While that fraction of potential buyers is impressive, it shouldn't be all too surprising. Tesla has a certain cachet established by the sporty Roadster, the fast, luxurious Model S and the futuristic Model X. Adding a car to the Tesla range that is also significantly more obtainable means that those of us for whom the other cars were out of reach will finally be able to afford entry into the club. Factor in an accommodating driving range and a potential fast-charging infrastructure, as well as over-the-air updates that will continually improve that car's capabilities, and the Model 3 looks to be a pretty sweet deal for EV fans.

Also not super surprising is the fact that the Model S (third place, with 20.20 percent) and Model X (fifth place, 17.37 percent) were in the top five EVs people were most likely to buy. The second-generation Nissan Leaf was in second place at 32.75 percent, and the second-gen Chevy Volt took fourth place with 17.96 percent. The Chevrolet Bolt came in sixth, with 17.29 percent of potential buyers eyeing it as their most-likely candidate.

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