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Watch and listen to the Tesla Semi accelerate

It's remarkably fast for its size

It's remarkably fast for its size.

Watch Jay Leno scream in a next-generation Tesla Roadster

Leno and Franz von Holzhausen take it for a launch

Leno and Franz von Holzhausen take it for a launch.

Bob Lutz says Tesla should remove Elon Musk as CEO

'That company needs professional management, and it needs it now.'

'That company needs professional management, and it needs it now.'

Elon Musk: Tesla could build $25,000 EV in 'three years'

But first, there's the Model Y, Semi, pickup truck, and Roadster

But first, there's the Model Y, Semi, pickup truck, and Roadster.

Watch Tiff Needell drive Electric GT's Tesla Model S P100DL race car

It seems like quite the experience

It seems like quite the experience.

Defendant in Tesla sabotage lawsuit seeks whistleblower status

Martin Tripp says he grew alarmed by what he saw at Tesla's Gigafactory

Defendant in Tesla lawsuit says he's a whistleblower.

Porsche markets Taycan with an implicit question: Does a Tesla have a soul?

Because the EV formerly known as Mission E will, Stuttgart assures us

Tesla Model X P100D tows Qantas Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

It's no space shuttle, but it's still pretty impressive

Using a car to pull an airplane is nothing new. We've seen a Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI, a Nissan Patrol and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S all tug widebody aircraft. A few years ago, there was even a Toyota Tundra that pulled the Space Shuttle Endeavour across the 405 in Los Angeles. Now Australia's Qantas Airways has joined the fray, using the all-electric Tesla Model X P100D.

Tesla video teases Model Y, shows Roadster cockpit in action

A glimpse of our terrifically slick future

Tesla just released a new video that appears to exist for no other reason than to recap Tesla. There are coupes and SUVs going fast, batteries and a gigafactory, a couple of semis, "The machine that makes the machine," and lots of shots of active, intense factory workers. There's also, at the 0:15-second mark, a tease of some new Tesla half built and half hidden under a sheet. We will assume this is the Model Y. And at the 1:05 mark we get a few seconds of the coming Roadster cockpit looking lik

Tesla Model S shooting brake video shows EV wagon in motion inside and out

The conversion starts at $84,000 and takes about 10 weeks

Remember that Tesla Model S shooting brake we told you about a few months ago? No, not that Dutch-customizer version, which has yet to see the light of day, so far as we can tell. We're talking about the wagonized version from British outfit Qwest Norfolk. The finished version was just featured in a new episode of U.K. YouTube show Fully Charged.

Tesla Model 3: These 5 fun features help make this electric car unique

It's full of tech, and also an irreverent sense of fun

You've read the review (or maybe you haven't), and you've learned how the Tesla Model 3 is a bit of an odd duck. As we spent a couple days with the EV, we came to learn a few of its quirks. Here are five nifty features that — in addition to the electric powertrain, unique styling and loads of tech — really make the car unique.

Deep Dive
Tesla Model 3 Autopilot: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Real problems obscure some of the promise of a compelling system

Autopilot is essentially the combination of two driver assist systems. The first Tesla calls "Traffic-Aware Cruise Control," which is mostly indistinguishable from other adaptive cruise control systems. The second is Autosteer. The hardware is robust: forward radar, eight cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors can detect vehicles all around it. It can see cars the driver can't, including, at times, two vehicles ahead.

First Drive
Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review | The very sharp tip of the EV spear

The everyman’s voltaic slingshot is also a rolling critique of Musk's vision

When the Tesla Model 3 appeared in production form last summer, the hype was already at a fever pitch after months — years, even — of anticipation. With hundreds of thousands of reservations already on the books, it appeared this could be the car that transforms Tesla from a startup to a true competitor. Then, crickets, for most customers anyway. Production delays have left customers frustrated and analysts speculative about the company's future. With that in mind, we found an owner

SpaceX and 'Westworld' creators made a Falcon Heavy short film

Naturally, there's no shortage of David Bowie for the soundtrack.

Tesla Roadster set to become the fastest car in the galaxy thanks to SpaceX

Multi-stage rockets will boost it to 25,200 miles per hour. You read that right.

Just billionaire things.

Tesla 'Santa Mode' Easter egg turns your EV into a winter wonderland

Dive into the Easter egg section on your EV and you'll discover a reindeer button that invokes a Santa Mode.

Tesla Semi daylight video shows truck has suicide doors

It also shows the pop-open side windows

Tesla's commercial truck is unique in many ways.

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