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Tesla drops mid-range Model 3 battery option

It might not be that necessary now that the entry model is available

Tesla Model Y crossover reveal date set; Musk mentions a compact car

March 15 reveal date will be followed by 2020 production

March 15 reveal date will be followed by 2020 production.

Elon Musk announces reorg as Tesla engineering chief goes on leave

‘We are flattening the management structure’

Tesla is facing a sudden loss of key leadership at a critical moment when new vehicles, like the Model 3 sedan and upcoming Model Y SUV, are desperately needed to help boost the electric automaker's bottom line. According to a report Nick Kurczewski

Bloomberg creates a Tesla Model 3 production tracker

News outlet pulls some data, and here's what it estimates is happening

Bloomberg creates a Tesla Model 3 Tracker to measure how many entry-level EVs Tesla makes at its Fremont, California, factory every week.

Green-car sales have a strong year despite a weak December

GM was the lone bright spot last month, with a jolt in Bolt deliveries

Toyota's hybrid sales continue to decline, while Ford's, Honda's level off

UPDATED: Tesla Model 3 deliveries fall short, production target delayed again

Shares were down 3.5 percent

Tesla delivered 1,550 Model 3 EVs in the fourth quarter.

Tesla Model 3 owner's manual a bible for touchscreen gurus

Tesla's Model 3 owner's manual shows how to operate Tesla's Wunderkind. Get your touchscreen finger ready.

Tesla Model 3 production 'bottlenecks' probed by Financial Times

Tesla struggles to build cars at the pace it predicted.

Tesla’s bottlenecks and hand grenades

Sustained production, not burst builds, are needed for the Model 3.

Tesla isn't advancing the state of production in the auto industry, but is actually going backward.

Watch Tesla Model 3 explored in close detail

Every detail gets scrutinized in this video.

Packed with information, the video is over an hour long.

September green-car sales edge up, no thanks to the Model 3

Ford, GM gains offset impact of Model 3's production trickle

Hybrids, plug-ins show strong gains at the three-quarter mark, with Fusion Hybrid, Chevy Bolt leading the way.

New Tesla features make car sharing easier

Especially the Model 3.

Saving profiles in the cloud is convenient if a car has multiple drivers.

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5 Of The Most Far-out Elon Musk Quotes | Autoblog

Elon Musk is known for his bizarre and wild ideas. Here are his top far-out ideas.

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Tesla Model 3 is Here | Autoblog Minute

Tesla Model 3s have arrived. Starting at 35k, making it Tesla's most affordable model. There are alot of options that can get consumers up there in price.

Tesla delivers first 30 Model 3 EVs, details new specs and pricing

Long Range model goes 310 miles per charge.

There are two versions – Standard and Long Range – of the Model 3.

Watch Tesla Model 3 delivery party livestream

We're staying up past our bedtime for this one.

Tesla Model 3 handover event is tonight - here's what we know

Watch along at 11:45 PM Eastern.

Project Loveday winners will be announced, as well.

Tesla makes changes to Model S and X - 85-kWh battery, vegan seats

No more leather seating.

New standard features and options packages are available in the Model S and Model X.

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