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Elon Musk is known for his bizarre and wild ideas. Here are his top far-out ideas.

Tesla Model 3s have arrived. Starting at 35k, making it Tesla's most affordable model. There are alot of options that can get consumers up there in price.

Long Range model goes 310 miles per charge.

There are two versions – Standard and Long Range – of the Model 3.

We're staying up past our bedtime for this one.

Watch along at 11:45 PM Eastern.

Project Loveday winners will be announced, as well.

No more leather seating.

New standard features and options packages are available in the Model S and Model X.

Unless it adds a new RWD model, the Model S will only be available with dual motors.

Elon Musk let us know on Twitter.

The person who put down the deposit gifted the reservation to Elon.

It'll do 0-60 in 5.6 seconds

The chart lists key specs for Model 3, and points out that it's not as good as the Model S.

North America Supercharger deployment will more than double

California-based electric vehicle maker Tesla will double the deployment of its Superchargers this year as it unveils the lower-priced Model 3 sedan.

Model 3 is expected to start deliveries in July

Workers at Tesla Advanced Automation Germany, which Tesla bought last year when it was called Grohman Engineering, may strike.

Tesla's first pickup truck may be revealed next year.

Tesla chief Elon Musk says the company will stage its final Model 3 reveal in July and its first semi-truck unveiling in September.

The Tesla Model 3 has been spied. Seen pictured next to a BMW 3 Series, this next in line vehicle from Tesla is determined to compete as an affordable electric vehicle.

Brits will pay a little less, Scandinavians a little more.

Tesla Model 3s will typically cost about $50,000, or about $15,000 more than the model's base price, as buyers can't resist options.

Compact SUV will sell big when it finally arrives, though, says analyst.

Meanwhile, the Model 3 will be rear-wheel drive only for a while.

Goldman analyst says it's a good time to sell shares

The California electric-vehicle maker may need a cash infusion by year end.

But what is it, everyone wants to know.

Let the speculations begin.

When you know enough HTML, you can learn things.

This may be how Model 3 owners will pay for Supercharger access.

Tesla's not mentioned, but the ad shows what appears to be a Supercharger.

Sometimes, you don't need to say the thing you want you say.

Tesla's first battery packs from the plant will be for energy storage, then for vehicles.

So much news, and the event hasn't even happened yet.

The price difference between the two Teslas can range from $6,000 to $30,000.

Tesla Motors looks to sell the lower-priced Model S 60 to those in line for the Model 3.

Tesla solves some of Model X's issues as it boosts output.

Tesla Motors may be building 2,000 vehicles a week right now, beating its own forecast.

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