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Stellantis is official: FCA and PSA merger finally sealed

They first announced plans to merge in October 2019

The Chrysler brand could be axed under Stellantis management

Cuts are likely as Fiat Chrysler's merger with PSA nears approval

PSA Group's sales slump 10% in 2019 after record-setting 2018

DS was the only one of PSA's brands to boost sales globally last year

French carmaker PSA Group said on Thursday global sales fell 10% last year to 3.49 million units, compared with a record 3.88 million in 2018, as it suffered from declining volumes in China, the Middle East and Africa. In its European home market, Paris-based PSA's sales declined by 2.5% in 2019 to 3.11 million vehicles, with its Opel-Vauxhall brand suffering the steepest fall, down 6.4%. In Europe, helped by an increase in sales of light commercial vehicles (LCVs), PSA said in a sta

Here are all the vehicles sold by the 12 brands of the Fiat Chrysler PSA merger

You'll get a sense of just how massive the combined company will be

FCA and Peugeot reportedly agree on merger

Talks only made public Tuesday could yield merger announcement Thursday

Tons of celebs drove the 'Top Gear' Vauxhall Astra, and now it's for sale

Olly Murs, Nicholas Hoult and Aaron Paul drove it the quickest

PSA profits from Opel/Vauxhall when GM couldn't; Peugeot's coming to the U.S.

GM lost money over two decades; PSA made money in the first year

GM lost money over two decades; PSA made money in the first year.

British carmakers facing hard choices as the clock ticks toward Brexit

Aston Martin and Vauxhall are vastly different companies, but facing similar challenges

Aston Martin and Vauxhall are vastly different companies, but facing similar challenges.

PSA Group picks Atlanta for North American HQ

It joins Mercedes-Benz and Porsche in Georgia's capital.

"Our unique needs in terms of technology, mobility innovation and car culture ultimately identified Atlanta as our perfect choice."

Next generation PSA cars could meet United States regulations

CEO Carlos Tavares hints of US-spec PSA cars.

The carmaker has allegedly already decided which French brand would be sold in the States.

PSA moves fast to stamp authority on Opel/Vauxhall as deal closes

Gunning for economies of scale in building 5 million vehicles.

Yellow cars descend on village to support owner of vandalized 'ugly' car

Automaker honors car owner, renames hue Maddox Yellow.

Vandals destroyed the Vauxhall Corsa owned by Peter Maddox because they didn't like its yellow color.

It's official: GM selling Opel-Vauxhall to Peugeot-Citroen group for $2.3B

The move ends GM vehicle production in Europe.

GM bids goodbye to automobile production in Europe with the sale of Opel-Vauxhall.

PSA's purchase of Opel from GM is expected to be finalized soon

PSA's purchase of the Opel/Vauxhall division from General Motors is expected to be officially announced on Monday.

GM's European Opel division may eventually go all-electric

Of course, that depends on whether PSA buys the brand.

Opel cites the challenges of furthering both electric and conventional drivetrain technology as a reason to go all-electric.

Right-hand drive Chevy Bolt too expensive and risky for GM

Excitement doesn't guarantee availability everywhere.

It's probably Brexit's fault.

We want this Buick Regal wagon rumor to be true

GM mentioned the long-roof while showing dealers the 2018 Regal sedan.

GM also showed the 2018 Enclave and GMC Terrain to its Buick and GMC dealers.

Top Gear's reasonably priced Vauxhall Astra up for auction

It's the 2013 Vauxhall Astra of the stars.

Whether this car will be reasonably priced remains to be seen, as there are still nine days left in the eBay auction.

Opel GT Concept: Oh man, do we want it

We try to make a case for the Opel GT Concept's production, then go a step further and explain why we'd love to have it in the US.

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