Translogic 193: Even more highlights from CES

By Land And By Air, CES Is Changing How We Get Around

There's too much tech at the Consumer Electronics Show to cover with just one episode, so we bring you part two of our coverage from the Las Vegas Convention Center. Here, host Jonathon Buckley turns his focus from futuristic cars other modes of mobility.

First up are two vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) prototypes that promise to change how we take to the skies. The Autel Robotics drone utilizes a distinctive fixed-wing, tilting-prop design. This enables the drone to glide through the sky, increasing flight time and payload over typical consumer quadcopters. Then it's off to the Ehang 184 booth, where co-founder and COO George Yan explains the story behind the name of this autonomous aerial vehicle.

"We make it simple. You can see that it seats one person, it has four arms, eight propellers, therefore it's called 1-8-4," said Yan.

Finally, we catch up with an old friend. Segway is back with an updated personal mobility device that features a unique robot mode. Jonathon takes the Segway Ninebot Mini for a spin.


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