Kia previews off-road Sorento for SEMA

Kia hasn't told us much about what it has in store for us at SEMA this year. But it is giving us a glimpse of what's to come in this latest teaser video.

The short clip provides a sneak peek at the PacWet Adventure Sorento, an evidently rough-and-tumble take on the Korean automaker's midsize sport utility vehicle. Just what's going into it remains to be seen, but we can already see part of the package. There's a new tubular and sheetmetal front bumper, a snorkel intake, roof rack, winch, auxiliary lighting, knobby tires, and a Kermit-green paint job. We'd expect some sort of jacked-up suspension, too, considering this custom is for the aftermarket-obsessed crowd at SEMA.

Given the brief statements Kia has issued to date, it would appear that the Sortento is just one of a variety of vehicles the company is preparing for the Vegas tuner expo. Each is poised to represent a different American region, and we're looking forward to seeing how the others take shape, as well.

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As Kia heads to SEMA 2015 to celebrate the American Road, here's a taste of the PacWest Adventure Sorento, a tough, off-road utility vehicle equipped with custom suspension, snorkel intake system and a paint scheme inspired by the lush forests of the region.


Kia Teases SEMA 2015

Kia is headed to this year's SEMA show to celebrate America's love for the open road and the diverse car cultures spanning the many regions of this country. Enjoy this high-speed coast-to-coast tour to whet your appetite for what we will unveil November 3rd in Las Vegas. More to come. #KiaWanderlust

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