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Driver learns the value of a dashboard camera the hard way

A woman in San Diego learned the value of recording everything that happens on the road this weekend when a man tried to scam her while in traffic.

Australian investors caught in $2.4M Tesla stock scam

US Automaker Had Nothing To Do With Shady Larosa Holdings

Australian authorities are investigating a company for allegedly stealing investor's money by promising to buy Tesla stock and not following through. The equivalent of over $1.78 million might have been lost by people across the country.

Dealership donates minivan to couple scammed in Craigslist used car deal

A Michigan couple who were swindled out of a new minivan by a Craigslist scammer got a happy ending this week in the form of a replacement, free of charge, from a local car dealership.

Does Dollar Rent A Car routinely swindle customers via insurance scam? [w/video]

Elderly And Foreign Visitors Especially Targeted, According To Lawsuit

In retrospect, Eileen McMonigal believes she looked like the perfect target for a scam. She had recently fractured an ankle, so when her flight arrived in Tampa, Florida, she needed a wheelchair to get around the airport. A young escort helped collect her belongings, which included carryon luggage and a puppy in a travel carrier.

Uber reportedly scammed Lyft 5,560 times since October

Mobile taxi service Uber has exploded in popularity recently, with major investments from Google and even partnering with the latest Transformers movie, but the meteoric rise has been tempered with controversy. In Europe and Asia, the app Chris Bruce

This Gas Pump Malfunction May Be Costing You

'Pump Jump' can add a few cents or dollars to your fuel costs

A technical snafu, called the "Pump Jump," is costing consumers. It occurs when charges are left on a gas pump, costing consumers money before they even start filling up their car.

Car Dealerships Will Settle Deceptive Advertising Charges

Federal Trade Commission investigated the sale, financing and leasing of vehicles

Nine U.S. car dealerships caught in a Federal Trade Commission dragnet will settle charges of making deceptive claims in their advertising, the Automotive News reports.

Pedestrian fakes hilariously bad hit, foiled by Russian dash cam

After the Good-Samaritan-fest that was the last Russian dash cam video, it's back to our regularly scheduled program of scamming and madness. This time, it's a woman who attempts to pretend she's been hit by a car and rendered unconscious, the same tired con-job that happens to be one of the primary reasons that Russians probably perform more surveillance on themselves than the state does.

Volvo uncovers widespread cheating by its Chinese dealers

According to a report in Reuters, the findings of an internal investigation conducted by Geely-owned Volvo is that its Chinese dealers vastly overreported their sales numbers in 2011, then even more vastly underreported their 2012 sales figures. About "half the dealers" out of the 151 total outlets gamed the system in order to get incentives for reaching volume objectives, falsely recordin

Why Dozens Of Tow-Truck Operators Hauled Away Legally Parked Cars

Dozens of firms ran scam; now corrupt truckers target Sandy victims

Tow-truck operators in New York City have been towing away legally parked cars and scamming owners out of cash, according to the New York Post.

If you're going to fake being run over, make sure a dashcam isn't on

If you live in certain parts of the world, it's probably best just to own a dashcam and leave it running at all times. Luckily, this Taiwanese driver had is camera rolling and was able to prevent himself from becoming a scam victim. He is not alone in this fight.

FTC shuts down auto warranty robocaller

If you have a phone, you've probably been offered a (last, final, only, etc.) chance to extend your car's warranty. Hopefully you realized an anonymous caller from an unknown number had no idea what kind of car you drive much less when your warranty expired and promptly ended the call.

This is why you need a dash cam on at all times [UPDATE]

We hate to break it to you, but the world is chock full of unscrupulous people, folk who don't care one bit about screwing you to get ahead. Thankfully, unscrupulousness can be kept in check by vigilantly recording everything that happens to you. We know, the prospect sounds daunting, but a good dash cam will at least keep you covered while driving.

Watch an auto shop commit insurance fraud

We won't say it's human nature to cheat, but humans and cheating go together often enough to make us consider it.

Maine gas stations ignoring penalties, shorting customers fuel to make more money

Think you're paying too much at the pump? Perhaps you are – but not as much as those gassing up in Maine. No, the Pine Tree State doesn't have the highest gas prices in the land (that would still be Hawaii), but it does have a problem with out-of-spec gas pumps. According to state inspection officials, several stations have been found with multiple pumps delivering less fuel than customers are paying for, some of them so inaccura

It's Friday: How not to impress the green car media

AutoblogGreen gets a lot of unsolicited emails. Some give us great tips about the goings-on of the green car industry. Some are uninteresting PR bits that we quietly ignore. Then there are the ones like the following, which we present in a slightly redacted form and with no comment:

Alert: Cash for Clunkers-like scam sites up and running

The success of the federal government's C.A.R.S. (Cash for Clunkers) program led to the creation of the 2009 Automotive Stimulus Program, a private plan run by some of the U.S.'s larger auto dealers. The creation of a second program, one that has different rules and isn't C.A.R.S., and the nature of the Internet has led to some scam sites that pu

Ethanol scam going on in Virginia?

The Virginia State Agriculture Department is investigating gas stations that might be selling people bad gas. In this case, "bad" means too much ethanol. While the maximum percentage of ethanol that can be blended with unleaded fuel in that state is 10 percent, some people claim that some stations are selling fuel with excess corn in it. The Department discovered a wide range of ethanol blends in different samples, with one reaching 50 percent. As regular readers know, it's a bad idea to pump th

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