Is Porsche planning a GT5?

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A trademark application filed in Europe suggests Porsche could be planning a GT5 model to slot at the bottom of its track-focused sports car lineup.

The German automaker's GT skunkworks division in Weissach earned its reputation with enthusiasts producing the GT3 and GT3 RS versions of the 911, and previously offered GT2 and even GT1 models as well (although the latter was a limited homologation special). It recently extended itself slightly downmarket with the launch of the Cayman GT4, but this trademark application – already reportedly accepted in Germany and currently being reviewed by the European office – suggests an even more accessible model could be on its way, Autocar reports.

Just what form a GT5 would take, however, remains a mystery. The numerical progression would suggest that Porsche is planning a hardcore version of an even smaller sports car, if such a project ever got off the ground to slot in below the Boxster and Cayman. Given that the 911 has bred both GT2 and GT3 versions, Weissach could alternatively be planning an additional GT version of the Cayman, or planning a hardcore version of the Boxster.

The prospect of a GT5 version of the Macan, Cayenne, or Panamera seems unlikely as the alphanumeric designation has never been applied to anything other than a two-door coupe, but then we never really know what the future will bring: Before 2002 Porsche had never done anything with more than two doors altogether.

These designations are typically borrowed from their corresponding racing class, and of course there is no GT5 category. But then most of these racing classes have been amalgamated into GT3 anyway, unless Porsche is planning on using the name for its own entry-level spec racing series. But at this point we're just spitballing. It's just as likely that the company has simply filed the trademark application to keep its options open for the future.

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