Jaguar reportedly prepping fully electric F-Pace

Tesla might want to take a look over its shoulder because there could be a cat catching its Model X in a few years. Jaguar reportedly has a fully electric vehicle under development that is possibly based on the upcoming F-Pace crossover, and it could be on sale in Europe as soon as 2018.

Autocar cites anonymous "well-placed industry sources" as the foundation for the rumor and believes that Jag's future CUV would be the most likely recipient of the new powertrain. The battery electric technology would reportedly be shared with the brand's partners at Land Rover to keep costs down, and a range of around 300 miles would be the target.

The F-Pace is reportedly already being prepped with a number of drivetrain options. JLR's latest 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and supercharged 3.0-liter V6 are likely choices. However, a hybrid version is rumored, as well.

JLR has been taking baby steps towards electrification for quite some time. Perhaps the biggest example was the introduction of the Range Rover Hybrid, but Land Rover has also been rumored to have an EV version of its flagship SUV under development too. The company already tested several electric Defenders, as well. From Jaguar's camp, the automaker recently trademarked the EV-Type name in the US and Europe, and its C-X75 concept had a very interesting hybrid system.

The reason for all of this EV development from the Brit brands is to adhere to constricting emissions rules around the world, according to Autocar. The EU is moving to real world testing possibly as soon as 2017, and US regulators continue to work towards cleaning up the cars here, too.

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