Help make Lego Icon Bronco a reality [UPDATE]

  • Image Credit: Lego Ideas
The Lego Ideas process is a pretty neat concept. The website allows anyone to propose a future kit, and if the project gathers 10,000 supporters within a certain amount of time, then the company investigates building it. The creator even gets a cut of the sales. We saw the operation at work last year with a very cool looking Corvette kit that hasn't hit the next stage quite yet.

Now, another creator going by the username Legohero1966 has a fantastic looking replica of the Icon 4X4 Bronco hoping for support. The maker nails the boxy, brawny look of the Icon take on the classic Ford Bronco, and the Lego kit even gets the color pretty close. The miniature SUV also features a visible suspension, a removable top and, according to the description, a reel for the winch is hidden in the bumper. Underneath the body, this model even does a pretty good job of replicating the powertrain. As is expected by these kits, the hood, doors and hatch all open; on this one the spare tire carrier even moves out of the way, too.

As of this writing, the Icon Bronco kit only has a little over 400 supporters, and that's a long way from the goal. If you like what you see, give the proposal a closer look on Lego Ideas.

UPDATE: The original creator of the Icon Bronco kit, Paul Kim, has advised Autoblog that this Lego Ideas proposal was created without his consent, and he has reported the problem there. You can view more pictures of the Bronco and more of Kim's work, here.

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