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Icon BR First Drive Review | Craftsmanship over nostalgia

Calling it a mere Ford Bronco restomod is doing it a disservice

Calling it a restomod is doing it a disservice.

Help make Lego Icon Bronco a reality [UPDATE]

A creator on Lego Ideas has a fantastic looking proposal to create a replica of the Icon 4X4 Bronco. It nails the off-roader's brawny looks and even features a removable roof.

Icon Bronco rumbles into Jay Leno's Garage

According to Jay Leno, "The only time people in L.A. go off-roading is when they are about to get a D.U.I." That may be the case, but if you are looking to hit the trails with something inherently tough, but with a classic look, the folks at Icon are the people to see about it. The builder, known for retro-look off-roaders with serious trail chops, has done its thing with the CJ and FJ. Now the

Icon Bronco dissected in detail

The crew from Cool Hunting finally got around to stopping by the Icon headquarters for a little chat with founder Jonathan Ward. The man has made a name for himself by crafting some of the most detail-oriented interpretations of classic cars on the planet.

Watch a mini-doc on the amazing Icon Bronco

We've had the good fortune of getting up close and personal with quite a few of Icon 4x4's creations, from their off-road wares like the CJ3B and FJ line to one-off restomod hot rods like their Drew Phillips

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Icon Bronco

Resurrecting Ford's Iconic 4x4 With Style