Jaguar raised some eyebrows when it announced that it would call its upcoming crossover F-Pace. But the British automaker didn't just pick the name out of a hat.

Speaking with Auto Express, Jaguar's design director Ian Callum said the company entertained several possible nameplates for its first crossover, and that he personally advocated for resurrecting the name X-Type. The nameplate was, of course, previously used on the marque's entry-level sedan – the predecessor to the upcoming XE that was based on the front-drive platform of the Ford Mondeo and which was also offered with all-wheel drive. The connection with that much-maligned model is reportedly ultimately what dissuaded the company's marketing gurus from using the nameplate again, even if it might have been more suitable.

Another nameplate Coventry reportedly considered was XQ, but the latter letter's use by rival Audi for its crossovers and by former sister company Aston Martin for its personalization range ruled the prospect out for the Leaping Cat marque.

Auto Express notes a connection between the name F-Pace and Jaguar's 1960s ad campaign hailing its products as offering a combination of "Grace, Space and Pace." For his part, Callum didn't dismiss the possibility the slogan could could lead to additional models wearing similar nameplates like F-Grace or F-Space.

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