60 Minutes can't even get Tesla Model S EV sound right

60 Minutes has come under fire for screwing up important bits of news recently, but an error in Sunday's profile of Tesla Motors and CEO Elon Musk is completely perplexing. 60 Minutes has said it was an "audio editing error," but we're wondering how you manage to edit in internal combustion engine and transmission sounds into a video specifically on electric vehicles.

The stock footage that 60 Minutes used is official Tesla material, but the videos on the company's YouTube page are devoid of engine sounds. 60 Minutes editors added the noises, which were noticed by eagle-eared (is that a thing?) viewers who know that one of the appeals of an EV is the silent ride.

In other parts of the interview, Musk says that a 400-mile battery is possible today but it would be too expensive, talks about how the DOE loan was helpful but was not necessary to keep Tesla alive and his attitude that, "If something's important enough, you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure."

This isn't the first time television producers have made a Tesla EV look bad.

This isn't the first time television producers have made a Tesla EV look bad. The most famous case was when the BBC show Top Gear pretended to run out of juice in a Roadster. Tesla sued for libel in 2011, but the case was dismissed in 2013.

Tesla declined to comment to AutoblogGreen on the situation and 60 Minutes told Fox News it will update the videos online. Even when the sound is gone, the profile of the man and the company remains interesting. You can watch it below. As of this writing, the engine sounds still can be heard at around the 40-second mark in the shorter video we've embedded below (the top one) and you can see the whole profile in the second video.

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