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Tesla fan catalogs 10 months of Model S quality issues on YouTube

“The mass market is not going to be nearly as forgiving."

"The mass market is not going to be nearly as forgiving as me and other current Tesla drivers," Martin says.

Watch this Tesla Model S P100D shred street racers

This silent killer leaves the Foxbody Mustangs and Godzilla behind, regardless of mods.

You know how it goes, but it's worth watching for the reactions.

This Tesla looks like it was ripped out of a comic book

Or a cel-shaded video game.

How do you make your Tesla stand out? By making it look flatter.

You can open the frunk on a Tesla Model X with just a screwdriver

Seriously, just watch the video – but skip ahead about 10 minutes.

It's a safety feature for first responders.

IIHS: Tesla Model S, BMW i3 fall short in recent crash tests

The Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius Prime are still the safest plug-in picks.

There will be no Top Safety Pick awards for these luxury EVs.

See Electric GT's race-prepped Tesla Model S in action

Did someone order downforce?

EGT publishes two new videos and announces the series will use CHAdeMO charging.

19 people turn a Tesla Model S into a fad telephone booth

To compare, humanity has packed more people into a Smart car.

Room for one more?

Tesla Model S goes about 14 miles beyond 'empty'

Most of the extra distance was at freeway speeds.

What are electric fumes, exactly?

Tesla Model S P100D Makes History | Autoblog Minute

The ludicrously fast Tesla Model S just got more ludicrous. The Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode has a 0-60mph time of 2.5 seconds, and it's the first EV to top 300 miles of range.

Ludicrously quick Tesla Model S is now quicker, apparently

Records 2.65-second zero-to-sixty time

Officially, the Tesla Model S goes from a dead stop to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds, but newer ones may be quicker.

Latest Tesla Autopilot-related crash occurs in China

Driver claims Tesla promoted Autopilot as self-driving technology.

The crash brings up questions about how clearly Tesla illustrates the capabilities of Autopilot.

Watch a refreshed Tesla Model S sort of break a quarter-mile record

It's definitely quick, but the record might not become officially recognized.

Tesla, Volt parts in a kit car are almost too much

Tesla-Volt-kit car mutt gets smoking quarter-mile time in first trial.

And by 'too much' we mean it needed to be careful at launch.

Watch this electric van outrun a Tesla and a Ferrari

Prototype sends 900 horses of all-electric power to all four wheels.

Atieva's van prototype "Edna" does 0-60 in just over 3 seconds.

Tesla Autopilot Involved In Fatal Crash | Autoblog Minute

A motorist is killed while using Tesla Autopilot. In what is believed to be the first fatal accident involving Tesla's autonomous driving feature.

Fatal Tesla Crash and 2017 Porsche Panamera Debut | Autoblog Minute

Senior Editor Chris McGraw recaps the week in automotive news, including a look at the first fatal crash involving Tesla's Autopilot feature, and the 2017 Porsche Panamera debut.

Tesla Model S Sets World Record At Pikes Peak | Autoblog Minute

A Tesla Model S competed in the Pikes Peak International Hill climb for the first time this year and set the record in the Electric Production Class.

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