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Elon Musk on '60 Minutes' says Tesla's new chairwoman can't rein him in

He also says nobody is checking his tweets, and he might buy a GM plant

He also says nobody is checking his tweets, and he might buy a GM plant.

Can DARPA hack into a Chevy Impala through OnStar?

60 Minutes has a segment showing how the Software Innovation Division of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hacks into a Chevrolet Impala through the Onstar telematics system and gains control of the vehicle while reporter Leslie Stahl is driving.

60 Minutes can't even get Tesla Model S EV sound right

60 Minutes has come under fire for screwing up important bits of news recently, but an error in Sunday's profile of Tesla Motors and CEO Elon Musk is completely perplexing. 60 Minutes has said it was an "audio editing error," but we're wondering how you manage to edit in internal combustion engine and transmission sounds into a video specifically on electric vehicles.

Chrysler Barracuda makes possible appearance in 60 Minutes piece

If you haven't had a chance to sit down and watch the full 13-minute CBS "60 Minutes" segment on Chrysler that aired this weekend, we have yet another reason for you to do so. The good people at Allpar.com seem to have spotted something interesting lurking in the background of an interview with Ral

Watch Sergio Marchionne on last night's 60 Minutes

CBS' 60 Minutes sat down with Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne last night to discuss the automaker's resurrection and the touch-and-go period in 2009 when the Fiat executive began talks with the federal government over a controlled Chrysler bankruptcy. Marchionne said that when he arrived at Chrysler, the company's employees were all afra

Video: 60 Minutes takes on Lamborghini, circa 1987

1987 Lamborghini Countach – Click above for video after the jump.

Video: Anchors away as 60 Minutes covers Top Gear

Click above to watch the video after the jump

Video: 60 Minutes interviewing the Stig on Sunday

The Stig on 60 Minutes – Click above to watch video after the jump

Video: Conan O'Brien takes 60 Minutes for a ride in his '92 Taurus SHO

The Conan O'Brien SHO – Click above to watch the video after the jump

60 Minutes on "The Race For The Electric Car"

Want to watch Lesley Stahl and Elon Musk tool around in a Tesla Roadster? If you missed the duo on 60 Minutes last night, you can still catch it online. The stalwart CBS reporter takes a 12-minute look at "The Race for the Electric Car." The piece starts out by talking the need for new battery technology, but then becomes a sort of personaity profile.

Cadillac peek on 60 Minutes turns out to be next CTS

When Bob Lutz gave the television viewing audience of 60 minutes a sneak peek at an upcoming Caddy, the enthusiast community was abuzz at which model’s artfully designed headlight assembly and grille we were shown. The Car Connection has sna