'Huge interest' in VW XL1 doesn't mean production will be increased

The Volkswagen XL1 will be expensive (roughly $145,000 US, if reports are to be believed) but that doesn't mean buyers aren't interested in the sleek, hyper-efficient machine. InAutoNews reports that more people are telling VW they want to buy the 261-mpg car than VW plans to make.

We asked VW's Carsten Krebs about the situation, and he said there has been no decision regarding increasing production beyond the 250 VW is panning to build. VW has no comment on how it will deal with too-high demand, but Krebs told AutoblogGreen, "We are figuring out the best process, because we have huge interest in potential XL1 buyers." As far as we can tell, the company has three options if it doesn't want to hand-make enough cars: first come, first served, offering the cars to whoever will pay the most or make it a random lottery. We wonder where the people who won't get their mitts on an XL1 will spend their money instead. Any ideas?

The diesel-electric plug-in hybrid XL1 uses less than a liter of fuel to go 100 kilometers (burning one liter would equal 235 mpg). The plans call for the limited run of 250 to be finished by the spring of 2014. We spent some time behind the wheel of the XL1 earlier this year, as you can read here.

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