KLD Energy says OneDrive system could get 250 MPGe in a Fiat 500e, sort of

If you don't look too closely at the spec sheet (available here), it appears that KLD Energy is ready to release a small, highway speed EV for under $10,000. But then you notice that the $9,800 price is just for the "system," which here means the battery, motor, controller and charger. That's the cost to put the KLD powertrain into a small, four-wheel passenger vehicle, which no one has done yet but there are talks that may see that happen.

In San Francisco, CA last week, KLD announced that is has received official certification for its proprietary EV battery solution in the $9,800 OneDrive system. One potential OneDrive vehicle is the rendering of something called the KLD People's Car (pictured), which has a top speed of 80 miles an hour and would get 257 MPGe and has a 104 mile range from its 13.6-kWh battery (all fictional numbers, of course).

"Our system allows us to get efficiencies far beyond people who buy three pieces and put them together."

Christian Okonsky, KLD Energy's CEO, and Ray Caamano, CSO (chief science officer) spoke with AutoblogGreen and said that the OneDrive system is better for electric vehicles since the components are designed to work together. All the power management and torque management is electronic and, if the system were in a vehicle the size of the Fiat 500e, the efficiency would be over 250 MPGe. "Our system allows us to get efficiencies far beyond people who buy three pieces and put them together," Okonsky said. The trouble is, even cars as small as the 500e would still be too heavy for the OneDrive system. KLD is working on a OneDrive system with a heavier motor, and Caamano said the next-gen system would also double the speed.

Currently, OneDrive is used in the Kombi City electric truck and a number of two-wheelers. The Kombi truck is not an NEV, but is instead considered a "heavy quadricycle," which is used for cargo carriers. Cenntro Motors currently offers the 250-MPGe Kombi City for sale in the US in limited numbers. It has a 6.24-kWh battery and a top speed of 50 miles per hour.
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Electric Drive System Developed by KLD Energy Receives Official Regulatory Certification
KLD battery solution passes UN manual 38.3 and IEC 62133 standards.

KLD Energy, an emerging leader in electric drive system engineering, development and manufacturing, today announced the company has received official certification for its proprietary battery solution for electric vehicles. KLD's battery solution is part of KLD's oneDRIVE™ electric propulsion system designed for two and four wheel vehicles. KLD is coming off the successful launch of oneDRIVE at the Electric Drive Transportation Association's (EDTA) annual event in Washington, DC, and the Green Vehicle Expo in China, where KLD showcased its all-new electric propulsion system. The certifications were conducted by Quanta Laboratories in the San Francisco Bay Area and the tests were specifically on KLD's rechargeable battery that features Samsung lithium-ion cells; Samsung is widely recognized in the battery industry for their high quality, safety, reliability and performance.
This certification ... brings our battery solution to the forefront of the electric vehicle discussion.

"KLD Energy's advanced Battery Management System (BMS) provides vehicle manufacturers with a turnkey solution for their electric propulsion programs. The certifications received further validate our technology and put oneDRIVE in an incredible position to compete in the global market," said Ray Caamano, Chief Scientific Officer. "Battery technology is constantly evolving and we believe our system is far more advanced than any other available battery option today. This certification substantiates years of engineering and hard work and brings our battery solution to the forefront of the electric vehicle discussion."

Using the KLD design and strategic partnership with Samsung SDI™, the KLD lithium-ion battery is lightweight, has a high energy density, provides sustainable power that is flexible, and has a low cost of ownership. The efficient Battery Management System design ensures a high performance, longer-lived battery.

The KLD BMS features a flexible modular core design, three levels of short circuit protection (cell, module and pack level) and an ask-function that isolates the energy within the pack until the BMS confirms it is safe to supply it. All of these control and safety features combined with a rugged enclosure enable the KLD battery pack to meet or exceed international industry standards, including: IP66 water resistance, UN 38.3 shipping/transportation, and IEC 62133 global battery safety regulations. The battery pack features a Controller Area Network Bus (CAN Bus) communication protocol, which allows multiple packs to be configured for range and performance options that manufacturers can offer customers for a vehicle. CAN Bus also allows the battery packs to be connected in series for the increased voltage needed for higher speed applications.

KLD's BMS is currently featured on a variety of vehicles hitting the market. Cenntro Motors is the first recognized automotive partner for KLD with its Kombi, which is a utility vehicle developed for small fleets and municipalities. The Kombi is available for sale in the United States in limited production volume. The oneDRIVE is also featured on several 2-wheel vehicles.

About KLD Energy Technologies Inc.

Austin, Texas-based KLD Energy Technologies' mission is to develop innovative, sustainable propulsion technologies for the electric vehicle markets. The KLD propulsion and generation system is applicable in a broad range of markets, including: elevators, air conditioners, pumps, generators and other applications. Focused on the research, development and commercialization of advanced and sustainable technologies, KLD has received worldwide interest. The company recently won an Edison Award for innovation and excellence for energy sustainability for transportation. For more information, visit www.kldenergy.com. For media information, please contact media@kldenergy.com.

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