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Two Wheels

The ATX 8080 electric scooter from Austin Electric Powersports promises 50 miles of range and a 50 mile-per-hour top speed, but is it enough to justify its $5,250 price tag?


Cenntro Group and KLD Energy Technologies is preparing to stick a finger in the eye of those super-macho folks who insist on driving big-old Ford F150s for their daily work vehicles by getting ready to debut what's got to be the least-macho utility vehicle in existence. Cenntro's Kombi electric vehicle, complete with KLD's OneDrive drivetrain, will start North American sales by the end of June, Gizmag says. And while an official mileage rating hasn't been granted by the Environmental Protection

If you don't look too closely at the spec sheet (available here), it appears that KLD Energy is ready to release a small, highway speed EV for under $10,000. But then you notice that the $9,800 price is just for the "system," which here means the battery, motor, controller and charger. That's the cost to put the KLD powertrain into a small, four-wheel passenger vehicle, which no one has done yet but there are talks that may see that happen.

Two Wheels

On- and off-road, multiple-use electric vehicles are being developed by two companies with experience in electric motor technology and powertrains. KLD Energy Technologies, which develops high-performance electric motor technology, and Cenntro Group Limited, a developer of powertrains fueled by diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (also known as propane autogas), have made an agreement to produce four-wheel drive electric vehicles that incorporate KLD's drive system technologies.

KLD Technologies' goal of getting solid performing electric vehicles on the road has taken a giant step closer to fruition with the signing on of Rob Ferber as its chief technical officer (CTO). The former Tesla Motors science director was responsible for developing the battery packs that power that company's Roadster and his 20 years of experience in the industry also includes time with AC Propulsion. In his new post, we imagine he will put his energy-storage expertise to good use, matching the

Looks like Vectrix could might have some competition coming its way. Sufat, apparently a major scooter manufacturer in Vietnam, has just announced plans to produce a new electric scooter that it says is capable of hitting speeds of 80 miles per hour. Acceleration is equally impressive, with the proposed electric scooter hitting 50 mph in under ten seconds. Of course, it's one thing to make exciting product announcements, and another entirely to actually put a machine into production.