Despite the fact that Chrysler and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have compromised on last month's heated recall situation involving the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Liberty, it looks like the matter is still far from over. The Detroit News is reporting that NHTSA could end up crash testing the repaired vehicles, some of which are receiving Mopar trailer hitches to better protect the rear-mounted gas tank from being damaged during an accident.

You won't be surprised to know that the notion stems from a group of safety advocates that recently met with NHTSA boss David Strickland. The group feels that Chrysler hasn't done all it can to make the vehicles safe, and has gone so far as to request that these vehicles be crash tested using the guidelines in place for the 2007 model year, despite the fact that every Jeep vehicle under investigation met safety requirements for the year in which it was sold.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, on the other hand, seems satisfied with the situation, saying the proposed fix "will keep people safe." That being said, the article points out that the NHTSA investigation has not yet been closed.

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