Prius C tops ACEEE's greenest vehicle list, Ford "wins" for meanest

Toyota Prius C
Toyota Prius C
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Toyota can continue to be loved by the treehugger set, while Ford is making an appearance as Public Enemy #1 when it comes to going easy on the environment, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and its annual "greenest" and "meanest" list.

ACEEE named the Toyota Prius C the greenest vehicle, placing the compact hybrid just ahead of the Honda Fit Electric Vehicle and the standard Prius. The Prius Plug-in Hybrid and Honda Civic Hybrid rounded out the ACEEE top five. The Prius C gets a combined 50 miles per gallon.

Meanwhile, Ford swept the "top" three spots when it came to ACEEE's meanest list of vehicles that are least friendly to the environment. Specifically, Ford's F-350 FFV and F-250 FFV trucks, and the E-350 Wagon van were especially noteworthy for their environment-destroying ways, ACEEE said. Yes, these big vehicles were designed for different purposes than the fuel-sippers in the greenest list.

Last year's winner, the Mitsubishi i electric vehicle, failed to crack this years "greenest" list. Mitsubishi last year broke the eight-year stronghold of the Honda Civic Natural Gas on the ACEEE greenest list. Read ACEEE's press release below.
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Toyota Prius C Bests Several Electric Vehicles to Earn Top Spot

Washington, D.C.-With aggressive national fuel economy standards kicking in for model years 2012 to 2025, automakers have provided consumers with an impressive array of efficient vehicle options for 2013 according to new environmental automotive ratings released today. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's 15th annual comprehensive environmental ratings can be found at

The "Greenest" list is dominated by new models this year, with the Toyota Prius C securing the top spot with a Green Score of 58. Having made its debut on the American vehicle market in 2012, the Prius C is Toyota's compact addition to the Prius family. The original Prius (#3), the new plug-in Prius hybrid (#4), and the larger Prius V (#11) all made the "Greenest" list this year as well.

Other top scorers are the Honda Fit electric vehicle (#2) and the Honda Civic Hybrid (#5). Three Ford vehicles made the list: the Focus EV and the Fusion and C-Max hybrids. European vehicles also placed, with VW's new Jetta hybrid and the Smart ForTwo placing #7 and #8.

This year, conventional vehicles were largely driven off the "Greenest" list by hybrid-electric, plug-in hybrid-electric, and all-electric vehicles. The Scion IQ and Smart ForTwo are the only non-hybrid, non-plug-in vehicles to remain on the list. Even the 8-time first-place Honda Civic Natural Gas vehicle was pushed out of the top twelve in 2013.

"The vehicles at the top of this year's rankings are proof that automakers are really ramping up their offerings. There are more hybrid and electric options on the market this year than ever before and the race for a spot on the Greenest list is increasingly competitive. Automakers have revamped their offerings to meet the growing demand for efficient vehicles and new fuel economy standards," said ACEEE lead vehicle analyst Shruti Vaidyanathan. provides the facts necessary to examine the eco-performance of any 2013 model. Vehicles are analyzed on the basis of a Green Score, a singular measure that incorporates unhealthy tailpipe emissions, fuel consumption, and emissions of gases that contribute to climate change.

This year, a number of updates were made to the methodology to more accurately estimate vehicles' environmental impacts. These include updates to emissions from the vehicle manufacturing process; changes to gasoline, diesel, and natural gas upstream emissions; and updates to the forecasted mix of fuels used to generate the electricity used to power electric cars.

The website also identifies widely-available, top models in each vehicle class. This "Greener Choices" list includes trucks and SUVs such as the Buick Encore, Chevrolet Equinox, Toyota Tacoma, and the Honda Odyssey. The Chevrolet Spark and Honda Fit top their respective car classes. As the list demonstrates, consumers can make "greener choices" whatever their vehicle needs may be. Domestic manufacturers claimed six of the twelve "Greener Choices" spots.

The "Meanest" list this year sees a number of heavier light-duty vehicles, pushing out European sports cars as the least friendly to the environment. The dirtiest vehicle for 2013 is the Ford F-350 FFV pickup truck with a Green Score of 17, followed by the Ford F-250 (FFV), and Ford E-350 wagon, both also scoring 17.

In addition to highlighting the year's "Greenest," "Meanest," "Greener Choices," and best-in-class lists, the website features informational write-ups on model year 2013 highlights, a consumer primer on vehicles and the environment, and advice on how to buy green when shopping for a new car or truck.

Summary Green Scores of the 1,000+ configurations of all model year 2013 vehicles are made available to subscribers of ACEEE's interactive database along with each configuration's fuel economy, health-related pollution impacts, and greenhouse gas emissions. Subscribers can also build custom lists for comparing vehicles. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available at

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