• 2012 Honda Civic
  • According to CR: "The current model suffers from a choppy ride, noisy interior, vague steering, and mediocre interior quality."

2013 Jeep Liberty
  • 2013 Jeep Liberty
  • According to CR: "Its ride is unsettled and handling is clumsy. The interior is cramped and cheap feeling. And the engine is noisy and thirsty, getting only 16 mpg overall."

2012 Toyota Prius C
  • 2012 Toyota Prius C
  • According to CR: "The Prius C suffers from a stiff ride, noisy cabin, slow acceleration, and cheap-looking interior trim."

2012 Dodge Grand Caravan
  • 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan
  • According to CR: "The most problematic minivan, suffering from numerous reports of squeaks, rattles, loose interior trim, and power-equipment and sliding-door troubles."

2013 Ford Edge
  • 2013 Ford Edge
  • According to CR: "A jittery ride, pronounced road noise, and distracting controls, especially with the complicated and unintuitive My Ford Touch."

Those crusaders of shopping empowerment over at Consumer Reports have put together a list of five cars to avoid, even if their sales numbers suggest otherwise. CR points out that just because a vehicle is making a lot of buzz and ringing cash registers, that doesn't necessarily make it a wise choice for buyers. According to the report, these are vehicles that either tested poorly or have been experiencing poor reliability in their new car surveys.

Perhaps of little surprise is the presence of the Honda Civic on this list. The latest Civic has been getting dinged by auto critics left and right, and CR specifically points to a "Choppy ride, noisy cabin, vague steering, and mediocre interior quality" as reasons for its inclusion on the list. Its a good thing, then, that a short-term update is its way.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Consumer Reports once again voices its disapproval of the Toyota Prius C. We knew they weren't in love with it when they reviewed it back in May, and apparently the passage of time hasn't softened their opinions of Toyota's least-expensive hybrid.

Check out the gallery of all five cars that Consumer Reports is telling buyers to avoid and then weigh in with your thought in Comments.

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