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Toyota Supra, Tesla Model 3 make Consumer Reports top 10 best cars list

Models from Asian brands dominated the rankings, while Porsche was named top brand

Government Skewers Its Own Investments In Electric Cars

Bad news mounts for battery-powered vehicles

It's been a bad two days for electric cars. First, the Congressional Budget Office skewered the government's rebate program for electric car buyers, saying the program doesn't actually do anything to boost electric-car sales. Then Toyota announced it is scrapping plans for a small all-electric car, according to Reuters, because nobody wants them.

FBI reports car thefts at all-time low, but so are recoveries

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that car thefts in 2009 were at their lowest level in 20 years. Last year, a total of 794,616 vehicles were stolen from their owners – a 17 percent drop compared to 2008. Without a doubt, those numbers are good news for car owners across the country, but the FBI report isn't all roses and sunshine. The government agency also says that while theft numbers are down, so is the number of vehicles recover

Consumer Reports picks side in V6 pony car wars

2011 Ford Mustang V6 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Consumer Reports picks best cars for teens and seniors

Consumer Reports picks the best cars for teens and seniors – Click above for high-res image gallery

WSJ brings to light dirty practice of auto awards fees

The free press? It ain't so free. It's no secret that most publications face rising costs and declining revenues, both of which combine to create bottom lines that would shiver even cash-strapped Chrysler's timbers. So it should come as no real surprise that Consumers Digest makes manufacturers pay for licensing associated with the publication's illustrious "Best Buy" awards. But that hasn't stopped the Zach Bowman

Consumer Reports puts Lexus GX on "Do Not Buy" list due to rollover fears

2010 Lexus GX460 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Consumer Reports sees what happens when your floor mat sticks

In the wake of Toyota's huge floor mat recall, theorists have come up with several survival strategies designed to overcome a throttle that's stuck wide-open. Putting some of these theories to the test – and debunking several myths in the process – is the team over at Consumer Reports.

Survey: 80% of public considering American brand for next car purchase [w/POLL]

It seems like only yesterday we brought you news that Consumer Reports recommends the Mustang over the Camaro and Challenger. In fact, it was yesterday. Now, if you read the post's fine print, you saw that the Ford racked up 78 points to the Chevy's 71 and the bloated big old Dodge managed just 53. We mention this because CR just released the results

Consumer Reports blasts Honda Insight, ranked 21 of 22 tested

2009 Honda Insight - Click above for high-res image gallery

Honda Fit dominates Consumer Reports subcompact test

Click on the image above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Honda Fit Sport

Ford's quality turnaround leads to free money

Ford's quality record at the beginning of this decade was so bad, the automaker was spending billions on warranty repairs, while simultaneously turning off potential buyers in droves. The blue oval has been righting the ship for the past couple of years, with vehicles like the Fusion and Taurus leading a quality renaissance that has the automaker nipping at the heels of

2008 Lexus GS priced: $245 gets you 52 HP more than last year

The 2008 Lexus GS 460 will only go up in price by $245 to $52,620, despite a power surge from 290 HP to a much more satisfying 342 ponies. The GS 350 and 450h will stay in the same price range as the outgoing 2007 model, despite tweaks inside and out. The GS (AWD version) has been under fire of late due to its Chris Shunk

Consumer Reports debuts crash-in theater

Oh how we all love a good car crash, but finding good, slow-motion automotive carnage on the Web hasn't been all that easy to find. Until now. Consumer Reports has put hours of crash-test video from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety online, free for anyone to see.

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