A day after Ford issued a recall of 485,000 Escape crossovers from its 2001-2004 model years, Mazda has reportedly issued its own for the 215,000 examples of its Tribute, the Escape's mechanical twin. While it's the same engine configuration being recalled, the 3.0-liter V6 with cruise control, there is a difference in the recalls: Mazda is recalling 2002-2006 and 2008 model year Tributes, three more years of production than the Escape (the Tribute wasn't made in 2007).

The problem is a lack of clearance between the engine cover and the cruise control cable, which can prevent the driver from letting off the throttle if the cruise control is on. The situation was caused by a repair for a different recall in 2005. Mazda says the engine cover is similar enough to warrant inclusion for all years of production it has cited. It isn't known yet if Ford will expand its own recall.

Mazda Tribute Information

Mazda Tribute

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