Obama's limo gets banged up in Ireland *UPDATE*

Presidential limo gets stuck in Ireland – Click above to watch the video after the break

This is no ordinary limousine. Rumored to be built on a heavy-duty truck chassis, this stretched Cadillac boasts armor plating all around, window glass thick enough to stop bullets and enough high-tech communications equipment to run the entire United States from the comfort of its leather-lined back seat. You'd think it would take a nuclear bomb to halt the progress of President Obama's black Cadillac.

Apparently, all it really takes is one particularly nasty speed bump.

Just below the break you'll find a video shot by a casual passer-by that shows the Presidential Limousine (also known as "The Beast") getting high-centered on the apparently oversize down-ramp that exits the parking lot of the American Embassy (in other words, on U.S. soil) in Dublin, Ireland.

Nobody can say for absolutely sure (except for the Secret Service, and they ain't talkin') whether POTUS was actually in this limo or not. Some are suggesting that this may have been a decoy, and, due to the quick response from the Commander in Chief's safety crew, we can't really say for sure how this fiasco ended up for President Obama or the First Lady, or if they were even in the car.

In any case, you should definitely check out the video after the break... if only to see – and more importantly hear – The Beast getting stuck entering Ireland. Thanks for the tip, Jay!

*UPDATE: New, much clearer and closer second video added after the jump.

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