Verizon launches 4G LTE in Detroit and the reason is obvious

Verizon rolled out its 4G LTE network late last year to 38 major metro areas and now Detroit can count itself among the latest to get Big Red's zippy wireless broadband service. But why the push now?

Aside from covering all the major markets, automakers are starting to take mobile data seriously and Detroit is obviously one of the major hubs for not only Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, but a handful of foreign makes. Nearly every automaker has some kind of engineering presence in Northern Michigan and with Audi recently announcing its LTE initiative and Buick equipping a LaCrosse concept with a range of data-intensive services, automakers need the speed to begin testing their systems. According to our sources, at least three major automakers are actively working on implementing 4G into their vehicles this year and each has a major presence in the Great Lakes state. Get a sample of what's to come in the video below.

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