Among the gleaming vehicles on the Washington Auto Show floor, there are some policy and discussion sessions happening as well as part of the EDTA Conference. We thought a quick run through a presentation by Roland Hwang, the transportation program director for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), would be a good thing for our more detailed-oriented readers to delve into. Technically delivered as part of the EDTA/SAE Joint Opening Session, Hwang's presentation gets into the numbers (as collected and analyzed by the NRDC) and makes the case that setting strong long-term standards is actually good for auto industry.

Take, for example, the chart above (full size), which shows what's possible in tank-to-wheel emissions in 25 years for a lot of gasoline alternatives. Compared to today's average standard gasoline engine, which requires 8.9 liters of gasoline to go 100 kilometers, a plug-in hybrid that can go 30 miles on electric power would require 2.2 l/100 km (equivalent). A fuel cell vehicle would need 2.3 liters (equivalent) and a pure electric would need 1.7 liters. Follow us past the jump for more.

Here's another chart (full size), one that shows the expected small car market in two years:

Both small cars and crossovers are expected to rise in the coming years, with small cars expected to break 20 percent soon. There are may more slides in the whole thing. Read through it in the gallery below.

Our travel and lodging for this media event were provided by the Auto Alliance.

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