If Saab dies, who stands to benefit? AutoTrader thinks it's BMW and Audi

When General Motors announced it was sending Saab to that great Viking longboat in the sky, AutoTrader.com dug through its search database to see where bereft Saab customers would turn to for consolation. This will be a surprise to almost no one, but other European marques top the list of substitutes.

BMW was the most cross-shopped vehicle among people at AutoTrader's site looking for Saabs, with Audi a very close second, beating Volvo and Volkswagen for the next spots. The only mild surprise is that Toyota took the number five slot, ahead of two other Japanese brands, and Mercedes-Benz in eighth You can read the press release after the jump for the complete ranking of Saab alternatives. In case you were wondering, Spyker didn't make list...

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AutoTrader.com Cross-Shopping Data Shows BMW Top Cross-Shopped Vehicle Among Saab Shoppers

ATLANTA, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/
-- With the announcement today that GM will shutter its Saab division, BMW may be a winner, according to cross-shopping data from AutoTrader.com, the ultimate automotive marketplace. Thirty-three percent of Saab shoppers also looked at BMW vehicles while researching and comparing new and used vehicles on AutoTrader.com, a larger percentage than looked at any other brand.

Audi, another German manufacturer, may also see some new customers, as 31% of Saab shoppers also looked at Audi models listed for sale on AutoTrader.com.

"The top four brands Saab shoppers also looked at while on our site were all European, showing some preference for European styling and handling among Saab shoppers," said AutoTrader.com President and CEO Chip Perry. "As the Saab brand is shut down, it is likely many of those buyers will gravitate to those other European brands, although our shopper activity on AutoTrader.com shows Saab buyers are also interested in some American and Japanese brands."

The top 10 brands that Saab shoppers also looked at on AutoTrader.com during 2009 and the percentage of Saab shoppers that also looked at those brands are:

1. BMW - 33%
2. Audi - 31%
3. Volvo - 29%
4. Volkswagen - 27%
5. Toyota - 27%
6. Nissan - 26%
7. Honda - 24%
8. Mercedes-Benz - 24%
9. Ford - 23%
10. Chevrolet - 22%

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