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With many automakers scaling back production to better balance supply with demand, it's not surprising there are several hard-to-find models right now. Forbes Magazine made some calls and did a little research and turned up what they say is the top 12 most difficult to find cars. After the run on high-mileage cars recently, you'd expect to see hybrid models like the Toyota Prius at No. 2 on the list. Tied for second is a car on the other extreme, the Chevrolet Camaro. Both model are spending an average of 18.5 days on dealer lots.

But Forbes says the hardest to find new car recently is actually the Audi Q5. The Four-Ringed crossover sat around in showrooms an average of only 16.8 days in June and July. Audi had another hit on the list with its S5, which tied for 12th place with the Mini Cooper.

Only one other American nameplate showed up as a hot seller, and that was Ford's Escape and Escape Hybrid, slipping in at No. 10. Toyota had a whopping five vehicles on the list, including the Prius and the Lexus RX 350/RX Hybrid. The Matrix was No. 4, the FJ Cruiser No. 8, and the RAV4 was No. 9. Said another way, "Thanks, Cash for Clunkers!"

Oddly, the Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI didn't show up on Forbes' list. From our personal experience and reports from readers, the car is almost impossible to find due to production issues and demand –presumably that's because the study calculated days on lots for the entire Jetta lineup, not just specific models therein.

[Source: Forbes]

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