Lamborghini Murciélago and the Nissan X-Trail FCV - click to enlarge

When we took the hydrogen-powered Kia Borrego FCEV and Nissan X-Trail FCV out for two quick first drives in Vancouver last month, we happened to park the Nissan next to a Lamborghini Murciélago for a few moments. This prompted us to wonder, just for fun, which of these two vehicles AutoblogGreen readers would prefer to have as their only car. There is an environmental case to be made against both, especially in this crowd that's more willing than most to sacrifice a bit in the name of saving fuel.

  • The case against the Murciélago: it's is a gas guzzling monster (10 miles to the gallon, combined) that costs north of $300,000. It screams every color but green as you're sweeping down the road. The drive may be fun, but no one will know you're a treehugger when you're in one of these, and a few bumper stickers probably won't help.
  • The case against the X-Trail: it, too, is wicked expensive (to make - you can't buy one yet) and there are limited places to refuel the thing. Plus, there's the hydrogen issue, which not everyone is into. It's nice to emit only water vapor from the tailpipe, but the upstream issues are a bit more complicated.

Still, in our little scenario, you're now forced to pick one of these for your daily driver. Which one will it be?

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