New GM ads focus on fuel economy

GM has decided that the fuel economy of its vehicles should be the main focus in its advertising, rather than attempts to merely buff its battered brand image. Even the luxury line, Cadillac, is talking up miles per gallon in its new ads. Take the CTS, for instance. Please. It is capable of a somewhat surprising 26 mpg (on the highway, downhill, with a tailwind).

New "pump less and drive more" commercials will show the General's vehicles at the gas pump with the likes of Toyota, Ford, Mazda, and Chrysler to help try and make the point that their Pontiac, GMC, or Buick models either have better fuel economy or are capable of going farther on a fill up. GM hopes this will help slow the freefall its sales and stock price are currently experiencing. Yeah, that and $6,000 rebates (now without trade-ins!) ought to do the trick.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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