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Dyson NOT building solar electric car

Ixnay on that eketric are tay. Contrary to earlier reports (Boy, we The Daily Mail really screwed that one up) famous vacuum cleaner improver and salesperson, Sir James Dyson, is not, I repeat NOT, building an electric car, solar-powered or otherwise. Although no one is arguing that he didn't recently muse aloud, "Electric cars are seen as city cars and to go 30mph is quite enough, but in the future that will change. An electric motor can go to very high speeds," apparently he isn't planning on being involved in any such product. According to what we hope is a much more reliable source, a company spokeswoman has said, "James [Dyson] did say that our new digital motor could power a car, but we are not working on, and have no plans to create an electric car." Luckily, there are lots of other folks who are.
[Source: Autocar]

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