Pininfarina to unveil its electric car this Autumn

It has been a while but there is finally news of the Pininfarina / Bolloré electric car project. First the good news. According to Channel 4 it will be sold in America as well as Europe and Japan. The bad news? There is no bad news, only more juicy tidbits like; the concept will debut at the Paris Motor Show in October and once we get our heads around that, the production model reveal is scheduled for the Geneva Auto Show in the Spring. Like that? There's more! The supermini with Pininfarina badging (not pictured above) should seat four and cost in the neighborhood of €15,000. That's $23,295.75 in American greenbacks at today's exchange rate.

Although it will be powered by the Bolloré battery from France it will be innately Italian with the Pininfarina-designed coachwork sculpting being performed at its San Giorgio factory. That facility is now used to build the Spider and Brera for Alfa Romeo but that production work will be moved to its Bairo facility. There is a promise from Pininfarina that it will get 155 miles to a charge and although it will take five hours to completely fill it up from empty, a five-minute quickie will get you 15 miles down the road. We look forward to hearing more and are dusting off our Italian. Bene.

[Source: Channel 4]

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